Our horses

We have be compiling a database of horses bred by Fleetwater Stud if you have a any of these horses or their offspring, or spot any that we have missed or are simply interested in the Fleetwater family we would love to here from you. Call us on 023 8081 2534 or email fleetwater@hotmail.co.uk


1969 Current Account (bay gelding by Blandford Lad xx)

1970 Date Up (chestnut mare by Dated Piece xx)

1971 Derrop (bay gelding by Derrick xx)

1972 Fourth Time (bay mare by Derrick xx)

1973 Whuska (dark bay mare by Whiffenpoof xx)

1974 Fleetwater Verushka (dark bay mare by Silver Chest xx)

1975 Fleetwater High Spot (bay mare by Derrick xx)

1976 Aces High (bay mare by Roygrand xx)

1977 Fleetwater Opposition (dark bay stallion by Muschamp Danube, trak.)

1979 Fleetwater Optimum (bay gelding by Muschamp Danube, trak.)

1980 Fleetwater Oppidan (dark bay gelding by Muschamp Danube, trak.)

1982 Fleetwater Optimus (bay gelding by Downlands Ulexo, trak.)

1983 Fleetwater Xenushka (dark bay mare by Xenarchus ox)

1984 Fleetwater Olympus (bay stallion by Downlands Hasardeur, trak.

Fleetwater Verushka (out of Opushka, 1974)

1980 Fleetwater Courageous (bay gelding by Dutch Courage, wb)

1982 Fleetwater Valis (dark bay roan stallion by Downlands Ulexo, trak.)

1985 Fleetwater Velocity (bay mare by Downlands Magnus, trak.)

1986 Fleetwater Vitoushka (bay mare by Downlands Magnus, trak.)

1988 Fleetwater Vital Times (dark bay stallion by Achtermann, trak.)

1989 Fleetwater Valika (dark bay mare by Isolan, trak.)

1990 Fleetwater Vice Versa (dark bay gelding by Achtermann, trak.)

1991 Fleetwater Valeska (bay mare by Achtermann, trak.)

1992 Fleetwater Valour (dark bay gelding by Pascal, trak.)

1993 Fleetwater Vitesse (dark bay mare by Pascal, trak.)

1994 Fleetwater Vitara – renamed Fleetwater Vision (bay mare by Fleetwater Sandpiper, trak.)

Fleetwater Xenushka (out of Opushka, 1983)

1987 Fleetwater Xanthos (bay gelding by Achtermann, trak.)

1989 Fleetwater Xanadu (dark bay gelding by Achtermann, trak.)

1990 Fleetwater X-calibre (dark bay gelding by Achtermann, trak.)

1993 Fleetwater Xantia (bay mare by Fleetwater Sandpiper, trak.)

1994 Fleetwater X-quizit (bay mare by Fleetwater Sandpiper, trak.)

1995 Fleetwater X-chequer (bay gelding by Pascal, trak.)

1996 Fleetwater X-clusive (bay gelding by Pascal, trak.)

1997 Fleetwater XL (bay gelding by Pascal, trak.)

1999 Fleetwater Xantia ll (dark bay filly by Achtermann, trak.)

2001 Fleetwater Xecutive (bay colt by Pascal, trak.)

2004 Lanwell Xenon (bay colt by Fleetwater Swift)

2005 Fleetwater Xsarina (bay filly by Fleetwater Swift)

Fleetwater High Spot (out of Opushka, 1975)

1980 Fleetwater L’Ecosse (bay gelding by Rexico, wb)

Seeschwalbe (by Impuls out of Schwarze Schwalbe

1988 Fleetwater Swift (dark bay Stallion by Achtermann, trak.)

1989 Fleetwater Sandpiper (Chestnut stallion by Fleetwater Olympus, trak.)

1990 Colt (name unconfirmed)


1989 Fleetwater Unique (chestnut mare by Fleetwater Olympus, trak)

Dam of Woodlands Unique Comet


1983 Kleine (bay mare (twin) by Fleetwater Opposition, trak)

1985 Fleetwater Kissagram Kate (dark bay mare by Fleetwater Valis, trak.)

Fleetwater Vitouschka (out of Verushka, 1986)

1990 Fleetwater Vienetta (bay mare by Isolan, trak.)

1992 Fleetwater Veranna (dark bay mare by Isolan, trak.)

1994 Fleetwater Vitelle (bay mare by Fleetwater Sandpiper, trak.)

1995 Fleetwater Vanity Fair (bay mare by Mayhill, xx.)

1996 SOLD (filly by Mayhill, xx.)

Fleetwater Kissagram Kate (out of Kosuma, 1985)

1990 (bay colt, name unconfirmed by Fleetwater Olympus, trak.)

1992 Gentleman Ted (bay gelding by Raheeb xx)

1993 Carnaval Kate (by Carnaval Drum, wb)

2005 Fleetwater Kissntell FOR SALE (bay gelding by Ben’s Affaere xx)

Fleetwater Valika (out of Verushka, 1989)

1993 Fleetwater Voltaire (bay colt by Fleetwater Sandpiper, trak.)

2007 Fleetwater Vesper (dark bay filly by Primmores Pioneer)

2010 Fleetwater Valmai (dark bay filly by Fleetwater Val Verde)

Fleetwater Vanity Fair (out of Vitouschka, 1995)

2005 Fleetwater Valtina (bay mare by Ben’s Affaere xx)

2006 Fleetwater Val Verdi FOR SALE (chestnut stallion by Ben’s Affaere xx)

2008 Fleetwater Ventura (bay colt by Welton Ambassador)

2009 Fleetwater Viceroy (chestnut colt by Welton Ambassador)

Fleetwater Veranna (out of Vitouschka, 1992)

1997 Fleetwater Viatka (bay mare by Mayhill, xx.)

Fleetwater Caitlan (by Fleetwater Swift, 2004)

2008  Fleetwater Catriona (chestnut filly by Trocadero)

Fleetwater Caprice (by Achtermann)

2009  Fleetwater Capitalist (chestnut colt by Tycoon)

Fleetwater Achtermann, trak. (by Epos out of Ambosspolka), was given the Fleetwater prefix when he stood at stud at Fleetwater in the late 80’s